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Ali Bey Resort Sorgun - Resort Samara Spa Treatments


Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Pamper Yourself With Special Rituals

Spoil yourself with personalised skin treatments, body treatments, hand-foot treatments and massages applied by expert therapists.


    Mediterranean Ritual 120 minutes

    Inspired by warmness of cultures of Mediterranean and energetic spirit and increases it with the power of sea. Hands of therapists dance as waves, increases the regeneration with soft touches. This special care includes body peeling, body swathing and massage.

    Indian Ritual 160 minutes

    Ancient life philosophy Ayurveda transferred the “science of life” to this ceremonial care. The body, spirit and mind achieve a new harmony purifying stres and tension with deep resonance. This special care includes body peeling, body swathing and massage.

    Oriental Ritual 120 minutes

    The care inspired by tuina of Chinese medicine balances physical energy flow on meridians and arranges the activities of organs and eliminates tensions on tendons and so bone structure is present at natural positions. This special care includes body peeling, body swathing and massage.


    Classic Massages

    Swedish Massage 55 minutes

    Swedish massage is the main massage therapy of Spa. It eliminates muscle strains and ensures relaxing. It purifies the body internally with special manipulations such as effleurage, petrissage, tapotement and friction.

    Deep Tissue Massage 55 minutes

    Strains and deep sores are eliminated with massage implementation designed for especially problematic areas and it focuses on relaxing the muscles. It is observed that it eliminates the affects arising from psychological stresses.

    Aromatherapy Massage 55 minutes

    Aromatherapy being a deep holistic massage is the use of power of essential oils with combination of east and west techniques. It provides mental purity and vigorous in addition to physical relaxing and resting.

    Hot Stone Massage 55 minutes

    A technique integrating warm Stones and long retaking strokes to unwind stressed muscles and create a positive energy flow, thereby, re-energizing and rebalancing the body’s spiritual mental, physical and emotional well-being.

    Slimming and Firming Massage 55 minutes

    In thinner massage applied with special massage cream activates the areas where fat accumulation is present and flexibility of connective tissues is increased and supporting tissue is restructured. Moreover, micro-circulation develops with refreshing affect on veins.

    Samara Four – Hand Massage 55 minutes

    Four-hand massage movement drifted along the body like a synchronized dancer. Two intiutive therapists equal to four specialist hands and follow each other as maintaining the perfect experience of touching power to relax the energy flow of your body.

    Far East Massages

    Traditional China Reflexology 45 minutes

    Energy flow in the body is regulated again by sitimulation acupressure points on sole and “energy ways” the basis of which is the China meridian theory with light refreshing practices and energizes.

    Shiatsu 55 minutes

    Shiatsu means “finger pressure” exactly in Japanese. It is a holistic massage practice and it has regenaritive and refreshing affect on the body.

    Thai Massage 90 minutes

    It is a traditional Thailand massage. This old, interactive massage technique combining point pressure techniques with various stretching actions is applied with rhythmic compression and gentle shaking. Relaxation, physical balance and re-energizing is achieved.

    Thai Foot Massage 45 minutes

    Thai foot massage is a special massage type dating to 2000 years ago and Thailand and covering the lower parts of legs and feet. Shiatsu. Reflexology, Chinese massage and Yoga manipulations are applied in the practice consisting of some parts of traditional massages. In Thai massage, while stretching with hands and massage are applied, refreshing pressures are applied on reflex points with special massage sticks. It is applied at Buddhist priests templates in Thailand to today.

    Lomi Lomi Massage 75 minutes

    Lomi Lomi massage is accepted as a lovely touch that heart, hands and spirits are linked to each other in Hawaii today. Its affects include muscle relaxation, regulation of blood circulation and balancing the respiratory system.

    Traditional Bali Massage 55 minutes

    Awaken your feelings and feel the calmness completely yourselves. It is a combined body massage consisting of traditional ball massage acupressor, stretching and straining techniques.

    Exotic Bali Massage 55 minutes

    The massage based on aromatherapy renews the body, spirit and mind and the body is refreshed with special mixed essential oils and rests the mind by renewing.

    Pantai Luar (Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage) 90 minutes

    It covers the combination of herbal Compress traditional Thailand herbs and heating in steam or oil. It provides a stimulus such as herbal compress acupressure and used in sensitive and sensible areas that direct massaging cannot be applied frequently. Herbs for care serve as a healing tonic to protect immune system and activate the life energy. These herbs are used for finding a remedy to symptoms on the body surface.

    Ayurvedic Massages

    Shirodhara 50 minutes

    It is applied by pouring sesame oil heated with mixtures fit for your body form and made of herb extracts in certain temperature and density on the forehead of the person (ajna chakra). During this application, nerve system is softened and deep relaxing and relief are ensured. It helps calming the mind and spirit. It is a healing practice for insomnia, headache, migraine and anti-stress.

    Abhyanga 70 minutes

    It is the oldest and effectual massage therapy with Ayurveda origin. Nutritional and regenerative features of essential mixtures specific to the person focus on marma points mostly and structured specific to the person. It is a massage practice covering the whole body. It decreases the discomfort of negative thoughts in our minds and restores the balance of body.

    Abhyanga – Four 50 minutes

    It is the oldest and effectual massage therapy with Ayurveda origin. Nutritional and regenerative features of essential mixtures specific to the person focus on marma points mostly and stuctured specific to the person. It is a massage practice covering the whole body. It decreases the discomfort of negative thoughts in our minds and restores the balance of body. It is applied by two therapists simultaneously. Four hands act on the body simultaneously.

    Shiroabhyanga 90 minutes

    It is special ayurvedic combined care. It applies rhythmic body massage with herbal extract oils heated and prepared especially for your body form and body fatigue is recovered. The sesame oil heated specially is gently poured in 3. Eye chakra (ajna) and a deep relaxation is offered to our guests. Marma points are stimulated with ayurvedic head massage and so our massage ends. Both mental and physiological convenience is ensured. Moreover, it helps the elimination of insomnia, headache and stres. It regulates lymph system, strengthens the immunity.

    Garshan 45 minutes

    As an alternative to massages applied with Garshan oil, it is a dry ayurvedic massage type applied with silk gloves. Static electricity refreshes the skin formed as a result of friction and moreover it increases blood circulation and struggle with cellulites. It is recommended to the persons wanting to lose weight and struggling with cellulites. It revives the tissues and accelerates the metabolism and circulation and ejecting the accumulation from body and makes it easy.

    Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage (Champissage) 50 minutes

    It is one of the oldest massage therapies of Ayurveda with 5000-year history. It eliminates mental fatigue and stres with affective, deep and rhythmic massage techniques on head, neck and shoulder by heating the natural essential oils. It helps to renew the body energy.

    Special Massages

    Samara Signiture Massage 90 minutes

    In this special combination, your therapist creates the massage fit for you by use of far East and European style. Variations used in perfect harmonization bring superior qualities to your massage.

    Aroma Natural Candle Massage 55 minutes

    Let your body be cuddled by the pleasant sensation of the drops of the soft and fluid vegetable butter coming sweetly and warmly on your skin, dissolving the tensions, giving pleasantness giving the body tone and vigour freeing it from inhibitions and weariness reloading it of comfort and new passions.

    Turkish Bath

    Traditional Turkish Bath Session 30 minutes

    Discover the relaxing and therapeutical effects. The care purifying the body from dead cells is completed with traditional washing ceremony.

    Oriental Turkish Bath Ritual 45 minutes

    Turkish bath is a special opportunity to refresh and renew the body and mind. It is nearly a traditional ceremony completed with application of silky moisturizing during a calm, light massage following the special peeling with washing glove in this luxurious and strengthening discovery.

    Ali Bey Resort Turkish Bath Experience 60 minutes

    Enjoy a gorgeously relaxing peeling and foam massage. Traditional peeling removal of old dead skin cells from the body. All the muscles relax and smiltaneously with the help of the naturel olive oil soap. Complete your treatment with an application of silky moisturizers through a tranquil light massage and enjoy your tea ceremony.

    Samara Spa Turkish Bath Experience 90 minutes

    The experience starting with magnificent welcoming ceremony continueswith four-hand bathing with washing glove and foam massage ensuring perfect relaxation. Traditional washing glove method purifies the body from dead cells. Four hands move on the body simultaneously. Natural olive oil soap helps to relax all body from dead cells. Four hands move on the body simultaneously. Natural olive oil soap helps to relax all muscles. Following the care completed with light massage providing silky moisturizing you can enjoy your F&B amerities.



    Hydramemory 60 minutes

    24-hour deep moisturizing therapy. It serves as 24-hour moisturizing for dry and moisture free skin. It refreshes the minerals under harsh weather conditions by means of trehalose, betagiucone, honey and amber flower in it. Supplements the moisture amount decreasing in the body.

    Hydra Performance (For men) 60 minutes

    For dry and anhydride skin. It is the ideal car efor skins exposed to negative conditions such as biological and environmental stess, frequent travel by plane and sun lights.

    Lagoon Hydration 90 minutes

    In-depth moisturizing care for all types of skin being in need of moisture. Creates shiny, lively and smooth skin saturated with moisture.

    Sensitive Skins

    Skin Resonance 45 minutes

    It is balancing and strengthening therapy for sensitive and gentle skin and strengthening car efor sensitive skin. It ensures protection against blush and cuprous.

    Cotton Softness 90 minutes

    Care of sensitive skin. Eliminates skin irritation, soothes the skin and creates a relaxed skin.

    Oily Skins

    Active Pureness Rebalancing 60 minutes

    Balancing care for oily and mixed skin. It is a care firming and refreshing the skin with deep cleaning feature. It is of sensitive structure offering alternative applications for oily skins and mixed skin with two different masks in it.

    Papaya Purity 75 minutes

    It is the care of oily and normal-oily skin. Purifies smoothes the skin and gives matt and healthy appearance.


    Action Sublime 60 minutes

    As it is an extraordinary anti-ageing therapy with retinol, hyaluronic acid and lacto proteins bringing resistance against the affects of ageing, it reduces wrinkles visibly and ensures special relaxation.

    Lift Firming 100 minutes

    The intense care firming the skin visibly and making difference even in the first application on lines and wrinkles and giving tone.


    Glorious Skin Express 45 minutes

    Intense3 muscle firming care for mature skin. It creates visible firming affect on the skin.

    Perfect Gold Sculpting 100 minutes

    Firming, renewing, smoothening car efor mature skin. Ensures flexibility of skin and shapes the skin. Makes the skin perfect with intense nutrition and moisturizing.

    Eye Care

    Eye Supreme Firming – Firming Eye Care 45 minutes

    Special eye care increasing flexibility, refreshing, affective on lines and wrinkles with nutritional and firming affect.

    Lip Care

    Lip Blooming – Lip Care Renewing and Making Flashy 30 minutes

    Renovator lip care. For lips and lip contour, special care made of rose and fruit extracts, renovator and giving flashy feature and struggling with thin lines. Above-mentioned skin care treatments performed with Comfort Zone and Carita products.


    Moisturizing and Nourishing

    Body Strategist 60 minutes

    Moisturizing and nourishing car efor dry and moisture free skin. Your skin will be soft and smooth.

    Soft Satin S 75 minutes

    For the ones desiring silky smooth and soft skin. You have the opportunity of moisturizing, nourishing or firming.

    Anti Aging

    D-age 60 minutes

    Helps to remove the residuals to prevent contamination and free radicals and negative affects of biological ageing and dullness on the skin.

    Perfect Body 90 minutes

    Anti-ageing body car efor mature skin. Firms the body, ensures drainage, moisturizes highly and nourishes. It helps to re-shape the body. It is highly affective for cellulite problem.

    Anti Cellulite

    Body Strategist Cellulite 45 minutes

    It is a care to support regional circulation and reduce the cellulite appearance. It provides the necessary oxygen with garcinia cambogia plant and struggles with cellulites. It makes the skin gain flexibility and firm effectively.

    Body Strategist & Aigae 60 minutes

    A strong care combining the specific active substances and power of algae for regional cellulites. Supports losing weight and increases lipolyses in the problematic area. Moreover, it gives tightness and tone to the tissues.


    Monticelli Mud-Reducing 60 minutes

    Thinner care with thermal mud. It is specific thermal care by means of essential oils providing thinning and detox with sodium bromine acid of active contents acquired from Monticelli natural water source.

    Intense Refining 90 minutes

    Thinner, firming body care is removing cellulite, 2-cm thinning and lifting is seen in thigh area with regular use. To achieve the best result from the care, it should be used for minimum 10 times or 2 or 3 times a week.


    Detoxifying Mud Therapy 60 minutes

    Detox efficient care. Detox efficient and balancing care to accelerate the metabolism, remove the toxic substances from the body and an efficient thinning process.

    Body Renovator

    Hot Stone Caress 60 minutes

    It is used with Renovateur being a body renewing care product. Massage with hot volcanic stones is performed. These volcanic Stones chosen from Hawaii represent the 4 vital elements earth, fire, air and water. By means of this care, you will purify from negative affects and feel that your spirit and body renew and relax.


    Manicure – Shaping and Nail Polish 40 minutes

    Your nails are shaped and after nail skin are softened in a special lotion with hot water, cleaning process with pliers is performed. It is ended with cream application depending on the requirements of your hand and nail polish selection.

    Pedicure 60 minutes

    Following shape process, your feet are left to relax in hot water prepared with a special, refreshing lotion and then your nail skin are cleaned with pliers and rasping is applied to remove the dead skin. It ends with nail polish selection after the cream application based on requirements.

    European Manicure 45 minutes

    Nails are cleaned and nail skin are cleaned. Following special peeling on your nails hand peeling application starts. You may select a nail polish for your hands completed with beauty of serum and cream.

    European Pedicure 60 minutes

    Nails are cleaned and nail skin are cleaned. Following winding with special lotion for thickened foot base and dead skin cleaning, foot peeling starts. After a refreshing and relaxing foot mask, the process ends with cream application, nail polish selection and foot massage. You will feel yourself like in paradise.

    SPA – Manicure 60 minutes

    Cleaning process for nail skins following the process of shaping the nails is determined by our specialists depending on your skin and nail form and hand peeling is performed after the finger peeling. To complete the beauty of your hands, parafin application is carried out. Cream fit for your skin is applied and the care ends with nail polish selection.

    SPA – Pedicure 70 minutes

    Following the nail shaping process, cleaning of nail skin is determined by our specialist depending on skin and nail structure and peeling is applied on your feet. Paraffin application is performed to supplement the beauty of your feet. Following serum and cream application the care ends with nail polish selection.

    Lushly Hand and Foot Care 55 minutes

    This exotic care giving health to hands and feet was inspired by old Polynesia rituals. This moisturizing, refreshing and restoring care is effective for softness of your skin and moisturizing.

It is not appropriate for children under 12 years to use the hammam, sauna and steam room in terms of safety and health.