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Social Responsibility
  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility Implementations

    As Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts; we regard it as one of the basic and invariable elements of our management understanding that we should be aware of social responsibility in all of our activities as part of the humility, respect for humanity and social values we have had since the day we started our operations.

    As Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, the basic principles that accompany our social responsibility implementations:

    • In the context of corporate social responsibility, we strive for the development of our society by developing and implementing projects that benefit society and aim to improve people's quality of life.
    • We encourage our employees to volunteer for appropriate social and community activities, allowing them to gain a sense of social responsibility.
    • We aim to be a resort where volunteers come together and spend time, energy and material resources for social projects. Our main goal is to raise awareness of issues that contribute to the society's quality of life and become a community leader in this area.
    • We do our best to implement our social and environmental responsibilities in the region where we operate and in other cities where most of our employees live; in cooperation and in partnership with our employees, education - training institutions, the public, non - governmental organisations and other stakeholders.
    • We encourage our resorts to comply with international standards and certify their applications.
    • As Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, all of these principles are supported and supervised by relevant departments in an effort to develop and implement them throughout our resorts.

    Social Responsibility Activities Carried Out By Our Group In 2017

    • The Manavgat Nursing Home "Share Your Love" Project
    • Remove Disabilities Project
    • Dr. Huseyin Vural Private Business School Painting and Handicrafts Exhibition
    • Hand in Hand for a Clothes Bank Project
    • Kizilagac Unal Akpinar Primary School Fete
    • Tourism Week Events
    • Police Week Events
    • Donation Box for Orphaned Children
    • Tournament For The Disabled
    • Tree Plant Exchange with the Forestry Directorate
    • Recycling Events
    • Organic Garden Project
    • Cat House Project
    • TEMA Foundation Membership

    The Manavgat Nursing Home "Share Your Love" Project

    This is a project is developed for elderly people who have taken refuge in nursing homes by their own will or by their children. The elders who are in need of love and compassion, are visited intermittently giving them a sense of family and warmth even if it is for a short while. In the scope of this project; our resort managers have visited the nursing home during the Eid holidays. We visited the ''Handicraft Exhibition'' which took place with the handmade efforts of the elderly residents at the nursing home on 01.01.2017 and tried to contribute as much as we could.

    Remove Disabilities Project

    Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts provided the food and beverages for the events held between 11-16 May for the Disabilities Week for students with mental disabilities who are studying at Manavgat Dr.Huseyin Vural Business School.

    Dr. Huseyin Vural Private Business School Art And Handicrafts Exhibition

    Within the context of the Remove Disabilities Social Responsibility Project, Ali Bey Resort Sorgun housed an exhibition where jewelry, wooden paintings, and paintings that were made by the disabled students of Hüseyin Vural School of Business were exhibited and sold with our help.

    Hand In Hand For A Clothes Bank Project

    The Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts family aims to support those who are underprivileged in a socio-economic sense; as a result of our efforts, Manavgat Municipality Social Market Managers and TISVA (Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation) placed clothes banks in both of our resorts. In 2017 a total of 805 pieces of clothing obtained from our facilities reached many people in need.

    Unal Akpinar Primary School Fete

    On 08.05.2017, Ali Bey Club Manavgat and Ali Bey Resort Side facilities set up an ice cream stand at the exhibition and fete which took place at Unal Akpinar Elementary School with the help of supporting staff.

    Tourism Week Activities

    As part of our Social Responsibility policy, it has become a principle of Ali Bey Club Manavgat's and Ali Bey Resort Sorgun's to support the social activities that are carried out in the region. For this reason, during the Tourism Week Events that are held every year, our colleagues from the F & B team present various dishes that they have prepared.

    Police Week Activities

    Ali Bey Club Manavgat's F & B team have also prepared various treats at the events held in our city for the Police Week.

    Donation Boxes For Orphaned Children

    Donation boxes have been placed at Ali Bey Resort Sorgun and Ali Bey Club Manavgat receptions, to be used for the benefit of orphaned children, where our guests and employees can contribute. Donations that accumulate in these boxes are spent for the benefit of orphans in Kütahya.

    Forest Directorate Plant - Tree Support

    Ali Bey Club Manavgat and Ali Bey Resort Sorgun support the forestation work in the region by cultivating various plants and trees in our own greenhouses in partnership with the Forestry Directorate and the Manavgat Municipality. Many of the plants and trees in our greenhouses are donated to Manavgat Municipality.

    Tree Planting Activities

    In certain parts of our facilities, we get our honeymooning guests to plant a tree in memory of their happy day.

    Organic Garden

    With their continued agricultural activities, human beings have become aware of the damage that they have caused to the living and non-living environment, including their own space of living. As a result, new agricultural approaches that are in harmony with nature, use resources properly, target sustainable development, and conserve animal welfare have started to spread all over the world. In order to support these approaches, Ali Bey Resort Sorgun and Ali Bey Club Manavgat have symbolically created Organic Gardens at their facilities.

    Cat House Project

    Thanks to the Cat House Project conducted at Ali Bey Resort Sorgun and Ali Bey Club Manavgat, dozens of stray cats have been provided an area with food, water, and shelter.

    Recycling And Waste Activities

    As we are aware that recycling and waste management plays an important role in conservation and the preservation of our natural resources, at our children's club we paint, decorate, and make jewelry, storage boxes etc. and items that can be used in everyday life with various waste materials at the same time also teaching the children about the importance of recycling.

    Tema Foundation Membership

    On 14.10.2017 Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts facilities became a member of Tema Foundation. A total of 18 employees representing Ali Bey Club Manavgat and Ali Bey Resort Sorgun have become TEMA volunteers.