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    Padel Now in Turkey

    Padel Now in Turkey

    Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, which has had a close relationship with tennis sports from the outset, now includes Padel. Every day it attracts more tennis fans and Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts hosts this fast-growing sport in Turkey.


    What is Padel?

    Padel is not really a new sport; The date of publication is 1970. So we can say that it has been played for half a century. It was originally designed in Mexico in 1970 by a Mexican named Enrique Corcuera. While it is still based on tennis and even resembles tennis to a great extent, it is actually a game consisting of a combination of tennis and squash.​

    ​There is one more important detail here; Padel is not the same as the game known as “paddle tennis” in the US and Canada. While often confused, there are differences between these two games.

    Not much time has passed between the game’s discovery and its popularity. This game, which emerged in Mexico, has also passed to Spain, which plays tennis too much. Even after a while, it was played more than tennis in Spain.​

    This popularity is not limited to Spain. This sport, which managed to appeal to a wide audience in a short time, gained mass after Spain in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany and Sweden.​

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    Padel Basics

    ​Padel is basically a racket sport. The most distinctive difference from tennis is that the focus is more on strategic movements, tactics and mental aspects than on strength. However, the tennis court is also different in size from tennis.

    Padel courts are slightly larger than a third of the normal tennis courts. The dimensions of the field are 20 mx 10 m. It is divided in the middle by a net, like normal tennis courts, but apart from that, it is surrounded by walls covered with aluminum wires and glass on all four sides. This wall is also used by players.​

    Again, unlike normal tennis, the players in the paddle take place in teams of two. While this situation is optional in normal tennis, it is mandatory in padel. Because it is a team game, it adds social value to human life.​

    ​The type of racket used is also different. The rocket used in the paddle has an elastic surface with holes. It has no wires and is short. However, the air pressure of the ball used is slightly less than that of normal tennis.

    The scoring system in Padel is the same as in regular tennis. Six games must be won to win a set, and the team that gets two sets wins the game. The opening of the game begins by serving in the same way. By throwing a cross, you have two service rights.​

    ​The person using the service must be behind the service line. The player receiving the service is on the other side of the server, but can be anywhere in the field. Service usage also differs from normal tennis; Instead of throwing and hitting the ball in the air, the player bounces the ball to the ground and then hits the ball below hip level.

    If the ball hits the net and bounces off the service area, it is a “let”. In this case, the service will be repeated. After the ball is in play, any balls that have passed the net must hit the ground in the opponent’s area before hitting a wall. This tab can only be one time. Then, after the ball hits the wall and bounces, the players can hit the ball to send it to the opponent.

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    Padel Courts At Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts

    ​Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, which has its own place in padel, which is increasingly common in the world, already devotes a large area to tennis. But the constant renewal of the requirements made it necessary to open space for padel as well.

    Ali Bey Hotels & Resort, which accurately evaluates the requirements for our guests to have the best experience at all times and takes swift action on this point, has also prepared courts for padel. Courts we have prepared for our guests;​

    • It has a 10m wide and 20m high playground.
    • Compacted concrete is used on the floor and covered with artificial grass.
    • Includes aluminum electrostatically painted profile and panels and 10mm tempered glass panels.

    Artificial grass carpet is covered on the compacted concrete located on the floor. The court is surrounded by aluminum electrostatic painted panels and glass. The net was attached to the middle of the field and the line strips were drawn and the court was ready to play. Although the materials needed for the construction of the padel courts have come from Spain, the construction and installation of the courts is carried out by our technical team.

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