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    Safe Holidays:
    Your health and safety is of utmost importance to us

    Ali Bey Resorts & Hotels Precautions During Pandemic

    While we have seen that we have recently moved past the most critical stages of the pandemic, we also know that the effects are still persistent. For this reason, although we will begin to host our guests again when we start to return to the normal course of life, we continue to create a healthy environment within the scope of Covid-19, both within the standard regulations and with the measures we have taken.


    During our guests’ stay at Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, which holds a Safe Tourism Certificate, we have established a very strict precautionary plan within the scope of Covid-19 and implemented it with every item. In this way, we strive for our guests to rest and spend their holidays in a healthy environment. Below are the main points of our comprehensive precautionary plan for you.​

    Ali Bey Resorts & Hotels Social Distance Precautions

    ​Since the virus emerged, we have to follow the social distance rule individually. However, it is a standard for places with a large number of people, such as hotels. Aside from the regulations, there are also some rules that we have established by considering all our areas of use:

    • We have reduced the number of people to below normal volume in many usage areas in our facility. In this direction, the number of people in the main areas of use is determined as: 50 in the lobby, 50 in the open buffet area, 362 in the restaurant, 132 at the stage and 12 in the gym.
    • We have made a new setup so that there is a distance of 1.5 meters between the tables where food is served. In this context, too, the seating plan has been set up in such a way that there is a distance of 60 cm between the chairs on the tables.
    • It is necessary for service personnel to maintain social distance while serving.
    • During the open buffet service, the necessary signs were placed to determine the distance for our guests, and the service was provided by the staff to reduce contact.
    • Plexiglass protection is provided in all buffet areas in accordance with social distance rules.
    • The necessary signs in the elevators, from the restaurant to the hairdresser, from the fitness center to the beach, from the reception to the markets, the sitting and waiting areas of our guests are arranged according to social distance rules.
    • Team sports where it is not possible to reduce the risk of Covid 19 contamination and maintain distance have been suspended within the facility.
    • Our facility, which has enough courts for the most popular tennis sport, has been arranged to play tennis on one of both courts in order to keep the precautions tighter in accordance with the social distance.
    • In addition to these measures, which we can mention as the most important to maintain social distance, many other measures have been taken to keep the comfort of our guests as high as possible.

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    Ali Bey Resorts & Hotels Hygiene Precautions

    ​Hygiene regulations require much stricter controls. The most important precaution for maximizing hygiene is to reduce contact. As Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts we have set very strict rules in hygiene rules, especially with measures to reduce contact. The main ones are as follows:

    • There are disinfectants in all areas of the hotel.
    • A meticulous sensitivity is maintained for the hotel staff to wash their hands, and they are provided with disposable antiseptic hygiene materials where there is no water.
    • Many areas of the hotel, from door handles to sockets, tables and chairs to rubbish bins, sports equipment to sun loungers, are cleaned with a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant spray.
    • Dining tables, chairs, baby chairs are cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectant after one-time use.
    • Materials such as salt shaker and napkin were placed as disposable and the water dispenser, beverage machines and tea / coffee machines were removed due to contact.
    • For floor cleaning of all indoor and outdoor areas a chlorine-based disinfectant is used.
    • Disinfection Processes are applied in the ventilation and air conditioning system of the entire hotel.
    • All rooms in the hotel are cleaned and kept for 24 hours after the guests leave.
    • The staff who clean the rooms wash their hands, wear gloves, disinfect and clean every surface, including door handles, sockets and kettles.
    • Textiles such as sheets and pillowcases used in the rooms are collected and washed at 70°C without removing much dust and without whisking.
    • All materials like boucle, shampoo, shower gel in the rooms are placed for one time use and after the guest leaves, even if they have never been used, they are replaced with new ones.
    • Rooms are ventilated every day for half an hour, after the cleaning staff has gone through the process, a note “Disinfected” will be left and the room is stated ready to use.
    • Programs for cleaning and disinfection of all areas have been established, and these can be followed along with the records.

    These contact and hygiene rules, which were taken in the first place, are carried out under a strict precautionary measure for each area of application and use material in the hotel. Our guests are also further informed about the applied rules.

    Ali Bey Resorts & Hotels Emergency Response Precautions

    We’ve learned that even if we take every precaution because of Covid-19, we may still be at risk. We understood better when we cleaned the bags and packages when we got back from the market and we couldn’t walk around without wearing a mask for this virus, which is transmitted through the respiratory tract and contact. Therefore, whatever happens, we need an emergency plan and measures to minimize the risk of contamination from someone carrying the virus. The main measures Ali Bey Resorts & Hotels has taken in the fight against Covid 19 in the face of positive cases are the following:​

    • At our hotel, a pandemic control team is on hand to carry out the necessary procedures for our guests who show signs of illness. The information from people with these symptoms is reported to the department manager and from him to the pandemic control team and workplace physician.
    • The guests are taken by the health department with the necessary isolation equipment to the rooms that are ready for such situations in our hotels.
    • Employees who have contacted the guest are determined and the department manager is informed about these employees. This procedure continues with the staff transferring to one of the guest rooms where they will be isolated by the care units and remain there until the intervention of the medical teams.
    • The room where the guest with positive symptoms resides is closed and ventilated for 48 hours and a detailed disinfection process is applied in the room.
    • The necessary coordination with the previously contracted ambulance and the hospital is provided for the detailed implementation of the health examinations and interventions necessary for the guest.
    • If there is no obstruction in our guest’s accommodation after the health authorities have made the necessary investigations, it will be ensured that our guest stays in one of the isolation rooms and does not leave during their stay.

    Thanks to our procedure, which is based on a much more careful and planned study, we are working on the action plan, which starts with the hierarchy within the hotel, even in the event of a potential risk, so that the competent health units can take over.During the pandemic period, we do our best to ensure the health of our guests and their holidays in a more resistant environment to the virus.

    We are ready to be the address of a safe five-star vacation in 2021, just like in 2020, by considering every process from the check in till the check out of our guests to the hotel and taking all necessary measures. Hurry to see and book Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts hotels.