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  • Restaurants & Pubs - Ali Bey Resort Sorgun - Side, Antalya, Turkey
    Restaurants & Pubs - Ali Bey Resort Sorgun - Side, Antalya, Turkey

    Ali Bey Resort Sorgun


    Gourmet Tastes

    Unique flavours prepared by our master chefs, with exquisite buffets, Turkish delicacies, delicious tastes from all over the world and scrumptious deserts worth indulging in.

    Kaigan Teppanyaki A' la Carte Restaurant

    You will be enchanted by the visual feast as well as the taste and appearance which our cook presents and serves in front of you in our Kaigan Teppanyaki A la Carte Restaurant.

    Our Kaigan Teppanyaki A la Carte restaurant, serving various cooking techniques and presentations to our guests who love Far Eastern cuisine, is waiting for you on the beach to bring our valued guests together with a unique food scene.

    This peerless place offers our guests the unique and rich delicacies from the Japanese culture between 19:00 – 21:00h The Kaigan Teppanyaki A la Carte restaurant is offering a magnificent dinner by making a reservation and its chargeable. Except one day of the week, all other days our Kaigan Teppanyaki A la Carte is available for our guests.

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    A’lâ Restaurant

    Experience the glorious meals of palace evenings under charming Ottoman architecture. ​


    Keyf’i Safa Anatolian Cuisine A'la Carte

    ​Enjoy the exquisite examples and delicacies of the Ottoman and Turkish cuisine at Keyf’i Safa Anatolian Cuisine A’la Carte.

    *Keyf’i Safa Anatolian Cuisine A’la Carte dinner at is chargeable and requires a reservation. ​

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    Alibey_Resort_Sorgun_Gurme_Lezzetler_Keyfi_Safa_A_la_carte -4

    Mehtabe Grill

    Make your summer holiday an unforgettable one having a romantic dinner while enjoying the view of the sunset. ​


    Beach Club

    Our Beach Club is at the closest place to our Ali Bey Resort Sorgun beach and the area is covered with special decorations.

    The Beach Club serves during the day between 11:00-18:00hours non-alcoholic soft cold drinks to our guests. And between 15:00 – 16:00 hours music is broadcasted by our DJ with a great performance.

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    Nazende Patisserie & Café

    With its interior decor that reflects the most beautiful details of Ottoman architecture and rich variety, Nazende Patisserie offers Turkish coffee and tea beside other hot and cold drinks and an open ice cream cart with a wide selection. ​


    Mehtabe Beach Bar

    Located in the Beach area Mehtabe Beach Bar which serves from 09:00 in the morning till 18:00 in the evening will enhance your beach experience. ​

    Peymane Pool Bar

    ​The Peymane Pool Bar is located next to the main pool and serves from 09.00 to 24.00. At Peymane Bar, the rich menu is filled with the usual classics and new tastes to experience, with Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails and hot drinks.

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    Mehtabe Beach Restaurant

    ​Mehtabe, the choice for those who cannot give up the sea and the beach. Enjoy dining at our restaurant where the food we serve consists of fine examples of Turkish and world cuisines and will make you feel extra special.

    ​*Mehtabe Restaurant serves on days when weather conditions are appropriate.

    Feraşe Disco & Pub

    Ferase Disco are waiting for you. ​

    ​End your night in a comfortable, relaxing pub - club atmosphere and make your summer holiday an unforgettable one at Ferase where you will enjoy music and dance while sipping your alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Open between 23:00 and 02:00 hours.

    Rumi Bar

    Right next to the heated pool is the Rumi Bar, which has a sea view and caters for all tastes day and night. Have a pre-dinner drink before sunset, sip a cup of coffee after dinner, or if you wish you can finalise your evening with music and entertainment activities after the show.​