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Ali Bey Park Manavgat - Special Nights


A Pleasant Evening

A Pleasant Evening

Ali Bey Park Manavgat is not only pleasant by day, but it is also pleasant by evening. Enjoy our variety of themed events such as Mediterranean Night, Turkish night, and Gala night.

The Mediterranean Night offers a spectacular evening of entertainment and welcomes you with blue and white decorations and a menu that consists mainly of seafood. At our Turkish Night, we welcome you with a red and white theme which is inspired by our National flag where you can taste the special flavours of Turkish cuisine. Our Turkish Night which starts with a visit to the market arranged specifically for this evening ends with traditional Turkish dance show which takes place after dinner. The Gala Night which we organise every Saturday is dominated by the colours black and white. This night which is hosted by our restaurant is decorated just like a wedding reception and if you wish you can also dress in black and white. An unforgettable evening awaits you at our Gala Night, with entertaining shows by our animation team who are specialists in their own field.

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