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Ali Bey Club Manavgat - Tai - Massage


Tai - Massage

Tai - Massage

This special sort of a body massage; which has brought the vast knowledge of the centuries to the contemporary years and arised with the support of the healing methods ofthe neighbouring civilizations; is also called as “the passive yoga”. Thai massage is based both on spiritual and physical fundamentals like spiritual tranquility, composure, peace, awareness, purification and rejuvenation for the former; relaxation , strengthening and recreation for the latter. The concept has an emotional basis, too, connecting to psychological values such as love, eagerness and courtesy. The person applying Thai Massage to the patient experiences the unique feelings of being unified, intimate sharing and giving without expecting anything. It is a wholebody massage and no oil is used during the implementation. After the patient wears the traditional attire special for Thailand, the initial applications aim at relaxing the body through stretching and pressing movements. Due to these stretching movements, it can also be called as “lazy yoga”. Thai Massage which is an amazing and colourful combination of acu-pressure, Shiatsu and yoga principles, harmonizes stretching, compression, pointpressure and soft oscillation activities at the same time. It is also known as active meditation which nurtures our heart, energy lines and physical presence.

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