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Ali Bey Club Manavgat - Waterpark




A fun filled time awaits you at our waterpark which is one of the largest water parks in Turkey.

Surrounded by green trees, our waterpark that is built on a 25,000 m2 area has a total of 25 slides; 12 for adults, and 13 for children and infants.

At our waterpark adults can enjoy various slides such as Space Bowl, Blackhole, Rafting, Family Slide, Bighole, Kamikaze, Kamikaze with rubber dinghy, Multislide (4 slides), and Freefall while our little guests can enjoy slides such as Junior Freefall, Junior Rafting, Junior Body, Slide Tower mini slide, Slide tower large slide, Pirate ship slides and various pool and slides designed as various animal figures such as the Snake, Elephant, Octopus (4 slides), and Rabbit. Whereas babies can spend time in specially prepared antibacterial sandpits.

Enjoy fun-packed days with water massages, reverse current, water beds, Jacuzzis, rainforests and activity pools at our waterpark where each guest from any age group can find a suitable activity.

There are 1 restaurant and a bar at our waterpark.

*The restaurant at our aquapark serves on days when weather conditions are appropriate. Please enquire at reception.

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