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Ali Bey Park Manavgat - Park All Spa Practice


All Spa Practice

All Spa Practice

Time To Renew Yourself

In our spa center, you can renew your body and soul with treatments applied by professionals. .
At the Bali houses located on the beach, you can spoil yourself and relax with the calming effect and tranquil presence of blues and greens.
A one-of-a-kind spa experience awaits you at Ali Bey Park Manavgat Spa Centre with a Turkish bath, VIP Hammam, steam bath, sauna and spa with treatment options.


    The unique Ayurveda oil which positively effects nervous system and soothes several sorts of stress derived from headache and symptoms of insomnia. In the beginning, the hot Ayurveda oil is slowly poured onto the forehead “Ajna” after onto the head “Sahasrara”. lt produces a relaxing and calming effect.


    Through this method which stimulates certain “marma” points on the body by pouring sesame oil, energy stream can be activated. The immune system is to be strengthened and all detrimental agents are to be thrown out of the body.


    It relaxes the body, soul and the mind. This sort of a massage is applied to the whole body according to your own physical conditions. It simultaneously activates the energy and blood stream through stimulating the energy lines on the body. It strengthens the immune system and contributes to the gradual discharge of all detrimental agents out of the body.


    This unique sort of a method is conducted through applying heated sedimentary volcanic stones. They raise the number of heart beats per minute and respiration; enhance the elasticity of body tissues, accelerate metabolism and arouse the oxygen transfer to the body cells.


    This special sort of a body massage; which has brought the vast knowledge of the centuries to the contemporary years and arised with the support of the healing methods ofthe neighbouring civilizations; is also called as “the passive yoga”. Thai massage is based both on spiritual and physical fundamentals like spiritual tranquility, composure, peace, awareness, purification and rejuvenation for the former; relaxation , strengthening and recreation for the latter. The concept has an emotional basis, too, connecting to psychological values such as love, eagerness and courtesy. The person applying Thai Massage to the patient experiences the unique feelings of being unified, intimate sharing and giving without expecting anything. It is a wholebody massage and no oil is used during the implementation. After the patient wears the traditional attire special for Thailand, the initial applications aim at relaxing the body through stretching and pressing movements. Due to these stretching movements, it can also be called as “lazy yoga”. Thai Massage which is an amazing and colourful combination of acu-pressure, Shiatsu and yoga principles, harmonizes stretching, compression, pointpressure and soft oscillation activities at the same time. It is also known as active meditation which nurtures our heart, energy lines and physical presence.


    After an intense perspiration in the Hamam, alga essences prepared with sea water are penetrated into the skin through a pressurized massage application by the therapist. This implementation enables the blood stream to become stabilized, contributes to the weight loss and reshaping of the body, helps the body to throw all toxic agents out of the body. The skin will be rejuvenated, the mineral and water balance of the body will be adapted to the basic necessities of the metabolism. After the alga is removed, the body is to be moisturized with a special vitaminized lotion.


    This sort of a massage replaces the nourishing ingredients lost by the human body; has a peeling effect on the skin so that it becomes much more satiny and bright; activates the cell renewal.


    The vigorous pressing activities, soft bumps and necessary pandiculation movements have the ability to affect the interior parts under the surface muscles which are usually inaccessible in normal circumstances. This sort of a massage contributes to the integration of all internal systems and stabilization of all energy points of the human body. Through the support of the special and natural oil assortment’ the muscles are relieved and the energy level increases simultaneously. An incredible feeling of being relaxed covers the whole body and mind after the massage is completed .


    It has a preparatory phase called as Bali Ceremony. During this session, a herbal peeling called ‘Iulur’ is applied to get rid off the dead skin through several kinds of slight movements. Then you get relaxed in the flower bath which is enriched by various herbal oils. This bath moisturizes the skin and softens the muscles. After the flower bath, you ought to drink a cup of herbal tea which relieves the digestive system. Bali Lulur Massage takes approximately 90 minutes.


    Let’s take a restful coffeebreak for your body .. . Body peeling is applied by use of a special coffee sort which is to be mixed into the kaolin and sea water. This procedure has a visible anti-cellulite effect on the skin, contributes to the desired weight loss, provides a luminous suntan and covers your body with an enticing coffee aroma, The last phase of the process is, as in all applications requiring peeling, a foam massage which contributes to the lasting feature of the coffee aroma.


    In the biginning, your body is scrubbed with the use of special sea salt that tenderly cleans your skin to make it mor satiny and silky. It helps to remove toxins and excessive fat. The final stage is the foam massage which makes your reach the peak point of an aromatic pleasure.


    This is perhaps the most widely used technique among the other massage sorts, which is also known as the classical massage. Swedish massage consists of five basic techniques. Each one of those techniques is applied onto the upper muscles and mostly in the direction of the bloodstream from the body cells to the heart. The therapist kneads the body with etherolic oils through lingering and sliding pats. As a result, the muscles will be relieved. The massage is completed with the same pat motions.


    It is a manual intervention by physiotherapist in the case of a recrudescence of some physical ilinesses on human body. During this process; the nervous system, articulation malfunctions, muscie spasms, disc problems are locally handled and a proper treatment is applied accordingliy. Manual therapy should be considered as a long-term treatment.


    Reduces stress, pain and ache and furnishes a tranquil relief. Most of us suffer from crick: have humpback on a chair while writing something on the computer, carry heavy stuff and force our body unconsciously to fight with improper skeletal positions. All of them are naturally resulted in stretched and knotted muscles. This massage relieves those musdes and reduces pain. It not only relieves the muscles but also affects the nerves directly which spread bverthe whole body starting from the spinal cord.


    Lymph drainage implemented by hand is used to cure edema before and after the surgery and to get rid off the lines resulting from pregnancy.


    The main reason of the cellulite is the circulatory malfunction. Hematic & lymphatic deficiencies and extension of the fat tissue result in intense accumulation of toxic agents in the body. Cellulite massage arouses the lymph and blood stream and fills up the tissues with fresh oxygen.


    In Japanese language, “Shi” means “finger” and “Atsu” means “to touch”. The exact meaning of the word points to a treatment applied through touching with fingers. Shiatsu as a curative method can be used to keep the optimal circumstances of the body more steady and cure some of the illnesses. It is based on a basic principle which requires finger pressure onto the specific points of human body.


    This is an exotic therapy peculiar for Thailand that applied with nice fragrant oils such as daisy, vanilla and white chocolate. It is a relaxing massage which has direct impact on muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.


    It is applied on the upper parts of the body like back, shoulder, neck, hair skin and hair by using aromatic oils. Through its particular technique, it relieves the muscles and speeds up the blood stream. This sort of a massage creates an anti-stress effect which ceases all kinds of head ache.


    Enjoy the pleasure of the Thai-reflexology applied by experienced specialists from Thailand. This kind of a massage which indirectly affects the reflection points of the body through stimulating the nerves underneath the foot which are the true representatives of them.


    It is applied to the whole body. Due to the chemical element composition of honey and milk, this therapy has a medical feature, too. It is very effective to cure calcification, speeds up the blood stream and diminishes the intensity of pain. The pores are to be dilated and all toxic agents are to be thrown out of the body. It nourishes the skin and makes it more satiny in terms of an intense vitamin support.


    Balneo Therapy (Hydrotherapy) is the initial and a most significant stage for human beauty which is considered to be obtained from the magic the use of water. The circulation of water with a relaxing vibrant jet massage deeply affects the bloodstream in the vessels. It arouses the same feeling and pleasure with some fragrant and aromatic essences mixed into the water as the milk bath of Cleopatra does. The Balneo Therapy bath tub with Jacuzzi which is particularly designed with respect to the special reflex points on the human body, speeds up the blood stream and makes the person feel much more refreshed.


    Thermo SPA presents alga & chocolate care, thermal & cold clay care and bodywrapping applications together. Through this magnificent method, all toxic agents can be thrown out, the metabolism can be freshened, all sorts of pain is to be appeased and an efficient cellulite treatment is to be launched.


    You have the opportunity to get the best service for hand & food care applied through qualified Allessandro SPA products while sitting on the comfortable massage chair. The product range of the selective SPA Concept launched by Allessandro promises a perfect skin. These unique skin and body care implementations are applied in an indoor cabin environment. These products which can also easily be applied at home will convert your daily care into a celestial ceremony. It presents the best individualized care for its clients though its skin-, body- and hair care concepts which combine the unique sort of scents and texture with endless satisfaction and gratification.


    (Care for oily skin and for normal to combination skin)
    (Calming and repairing care for sensitive skin)
    (Care and Moisture for all skin types)
    (Repairing and Refreshing care to slow down the aging process)
    (Tightening and Repairing care)


    (A softener and deep cleansing body care)
    (Slimming and anti-cellulite effect)
    (Cellular renewal through volcanic stones)
    (Tightening and repairing body care)
    (Repairing and relaxing silk massage)


    This is a kind of massage applied by two therapists working on the body simultaneously with harmonized movements.


    This sort of massage is originated from Hawai which is based on the principle of purifying the soul and mind from all external factors in orderto relieve patients who stand on the edge of an important decision. It is a rhythmic and fluent sort of massage which is usually applied through using arms and elbows.


    This is a special body application consisting of five different massage types; Shiatsu, Thai, Hawai, Lomi Lomi, Bali; applied by two therapists. Each of the touches during the massage session will probably provide you a great relaxation and pleasure you have neverfet before.

*It is not appropriate for children under 12 years to use the hammam, sauna and steam room in terms of safety and health.