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1991 The Güral Family presented the magnificent holiday village Ali Bey Club Manavgat, which is surrounded by natural beauties and historical values. Ali Bey Club Manavgat was inaugurated by the 8th President of Turkish Republic Mr. Turgut Özal and Prime Minister of that period Mr. Yıldırım Akbulut into service in March 1991 with 12 houses. 1992, 3 more buildings were added and Ali Bey Club Started the second season with 15 houses. 1995 Güral group put another gorgeous complex into service, called Ali Bey Park Manavgat. The third complex was presented to the Turkish tourism 2010 in Sorgun, under the name Ali Bey Resort Sorgun Our hotels took their names from Mr. Ali Güral, which is the founder of our company and an elite businessman from Kütahya.


The most beautiful examples of traditional Turkish architecture were used In Ali Bey Club & Park Manavgat. For the decoration hand crafted wood and ceramic engravings were used with a artistic elegance. It is possible to find handworks of the famous Kütahya Seramik in every corner of our complex. On every wall of every house you can see pictures of the most beautiful places from Turkey hand crafted on ceramic. Because of this Ali Bey Club Manavgat became shortly one of the most visited hotels in Turkey. Ali Bey Club & Park Manavgat offers our dear guests with his 30 houses and in each house 30 rooms, his aqua park, his architecture, his quality of service, his animation team including 75 people, his 6 restaurants and 14 bars, his water sports, 66 tennis courts, football, basketball, beach volleyball fields and many other sport activities and holiday like in 1001 night tales.




Approximately 750 personnel are working in Ali Bey Club & Park Manavgat. The source of our huge strength of being successful lies in our understanding of being a family and in our amazing communication skills. Everybody, managers and employees; have the same vision and only one mission: always to be better and to offer you the best service. For this purpose, Ali Bey Club holiday villages are being managed by an understanding, which is different from known management techniques.






We take neccessary measures into account to take under control the potenial hazards and waste effects in order to proctect and ensure the sustainability of our environment and reduce the negative effects of our activities. We strengthen the trust and satisfaction of our guests by offering high quality products. We support research and development results and quality-improving ideas to make sure we meet with international and national quality standards.We provide and offer high quality and safe products for our guests. Our quality standards are not limited to only products but also the service that we offer, in compliance with international standards. We support local products and services offered by native population to enhance sustainability of local economy. We attach great importance for being a self-improving and institutionalising organization that embraces modern approaches of human resources and administration.

Our target is to enhance involment and improvment of the employees by supporting their successes in our healthy, safe, respectful, nondiscriminatory and lawful working environment.




We take neccessary measures into account to take control of the potenial hazards and waste of our activities in order to proctect and ensure the sustainability of our environment and reduce the negative effects.

We obey and respect current laws and regulations to reduce the negative effects and to prevent pollution of energy, air, water and soil resources by uncontrolled usage.

We strengthen the environmental awarness of our guests and employess by organizing events and collaborating with local authorities to support events and activities related to sustainable environment.




As Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts we offer products for our guests that are in compliance with international and national regulations of food and beverage quality. We aim to maximize the satisfaction of our guests by offering healthy, properly stored, hygenic, safe and high quality food and beverage.Products are carefully monitored to make sure that they are microbiologically, phisically and chemically at proper spesifications. We continuously improve the process of our food and beverage chain by providing professional assistence and trainings to our employees.




As Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, we care our guests and carefully record their complaints that will be practically solved during their stay at the soonest time possible with the manner of objectivity and fairness. Our guest complaint management systems aim to strengthen the loyalty and the satisfaction of our guests by providing responsive, favourable and applicapable solutions. In this regard, we organize trainings and assistance to our employees from profesional advisers.




The main goal of human resources department' policy is to employ outstanding employees specialized in their department who would provide competitive advantage to all Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts facilities on international and national market.




As Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, we give great importance to the advantage of a fair and sustainable working environment for our employees. We aim to establish solidarity, involvement and improvement of our employees by offering them fair, healthy and safe working environment in comliance with legal regulations and laws.




As Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, we support a fair working environment compatible with occupational health and safety standards of international and national laws and regulations. We organize regular seminars and trainings for our employees regarding to occupational health and safety.




As Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts we maintain our firm stance against all forms of child abuse and exploitation. Our obligations in are contacting local authorities in suspicion of a child abuse or exploitation case, training our staff and create awarness on this subject and providing a safe and protective environment for our children guests in fully compliance with related laws and regulations.




We support and contribute to events and projects that will enhance the quality and standards of the society' daily life as a key responsibility of being an institutional organization. We strongly encourge our employees to spend their energy and time by taking voluntunary part in social responsibilty events and organizations. Our main goal in this respect is to create a leading position by supporting and contributing social responsibility events and activities that will change the quality standards of society and widen the awarness of social responsibility through the people who are in our reach. We support social and environmental activities in the cities that we live in as well as the cities where our employees are from. We support various activities and developments in the following areas; educational institutions, public goods, civic society organizations etc with no discrimination of religion, language, ethnicity, gender and disability.

We encourge our facilities to take greater part in social responsibility events organized by international and national certifiers and spread the awarness of social responsibilty at all levels.




As Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts we purchase environment friendly building materials, sustainable food and consumer products and less energy-saving devices, durable equipment and high quality goods. We purchase goods and services from a range of well-selected suppliers who produce their goods in compliance with laws, regulations, human rights, work ethic, employee health and safety obligations.