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1991 The Güral Family presented the magnificent holiday village Ali Bey Club Manavgat, which is surrounded by natural beauties and historical values. Ali Bey Club Manavgat was inaugurated by the 8th President of Turkish Republic Mr. Turgut Özal and Prime Minister of that period Mr. Yıldırım Akbulut into service in March 1991 with 12 houses. 1992, 3 more buildings were added and Ali Bey Club Started the second season with 15 houses. 1995 Güral group put another gorgeous complex into service, called Ali Bey Park Manavgat. The third complex was presented to the Turkish tourism 2010 in Sorgun, under the name Ali Bey Resort Sorgun Our hotels took their names from Mr. Ali Güral, which is the founder of our company and an elite businessman from Kütahya.


The most beautiful examples of traditional Turkish architecture were used In Ali Bey Club & Park Manavgat. For the decoration hand crafted wood and ceramic engravings were used with a artistic elegance. It is possible to find handworks of the famous Kütahya Seramik in every corner of our complex. On every wall of every house you can see pictures of the most beautiful places from Turkey hand crafted on ceramic. Because of this Ali Bey Club Manavgat became shortly one of the most visited hotels in Turkey. Ali Bey Club & Park Manavgat offers our dear guests with his 30 houses and in each house 30 rooms, his aqua park, his architecture, his quality of service, his animation team including 75 people, his 6 restaurants and 14 bars, his water sports, 66 tennis courts, football, basketball, beach volleyball fields and many other sport activities and holiday like in 1001 night tales.




Approximately 750 personnel are working in Ali Bey Club & Park Manavgat. The source of our huge strength of being successful lies in our understanding of being a family and in our amazing communication skills. Everybody, managers and employees; have the same vision and only one mission: always to be better and to offer you the best service. For this purpose, Ali Bey Club holiday villages are being managed by an understanding, which is different from known management techniques.




We as Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, ascertain, during the execution of our activities, our negative impacts on the environment, keep potential hazards and our waste products under control, to protect the environment in which we live and to ensure its stability.


We comply with current environmental laws and regulations to control the energy consumption and use natural resources and minimize pollution of air, water and earth.


We organize activities to make not only our employees but also our guest eco-friendly. We create new values in nature and in our environment by cooperating with local governments.